Stay tuned for our new year of Events starting in September

At our June year-end annual meeting, we voted in new board members. For details please click on Board Members & Committees.

First of all, we want to thank our previous President, Teresa Horton and our other prior “retired” board members Ann Marie Klingenhagen and Ewa Herdea for their time, efforts and changes made that kept our organization so unique and successful.

This year we again have a great board of smart, talented, and enthusiastic individuals on the Committee. We can always use your help as co-chairs as we are in the midst of planning interesting financial focused events, high profile speakers and a few fun Lifestyle topics.

Contact us if you have any ideas on topics, any connections for speakers, or know of free event space that we can use. We need your help and want your input!

Spread the word about CFW, post our event flyers at work and invite friends. Anyone can sign up online for our email blasts! Our goals for the new year are to get our calendar of events planned early, have top notch financial focused events, and double our attendees.

Thank you,
Ann Linton, CFW President